New Zealand

So my spectacular photoblog is on hold pending I get somewhere with a little technology.


In Christchurch, I stayed at new Brighton beach which was honesty quite sad. The city is under construction and there is graffiti everywhere. There are also a lot of beautiful paintings on the buildings, signs of determined residents trying to cheer the streets up.

The beach I loved, but then it was the first beach I saw. I here it’s not that beautiful but I watched the sunrise over it in the morning with all the birds and it was beautiful to me.

I traveled to kaikoura with the tour, where we saw all the seals and I went for a five mile walk with jasmine, she is from Switzerland. Kaikoura is a little tourist town and I liked it a lot. Our hostel neighbors were cows.

This morning we left for picton and stopped at a typically terrible cafe for lunch, where I ordered a vegetable frittata and a cookie. I don’t like the food here much at all. It’s very pale and watery and English. I saw some lasagna that was both cold and white. Yuck.

I love the landscape here and I kind I wish I was a New Zealand sheep. Lots of fellow bus travelers don’t like the cloudy weather here but I love it! You can still wear shorts but it’s never boiling hot (yet). I need to find a few clothes but will probably have to wait until Queensland.

Cheers šŸ™‚


One thought on “New Zealand”

  1. As an Englishman, I slightly resent your comment about our food. šŸ˜‰ It has improved a lot over the last 20 years or so….

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