We are in punakaiki today, also known as Pancake Rocks, because the rocks look like…pancakes. The west coast is more beautiful I think than the east coast. It’s very wild and green here.

Before this, we were in marahau, near Abel Tasman national park, and I went hang gliding. It was the first time I’ve ever been in the air like that, and it’s a practically indescribable feeling. A little green plane called the dragonfly towed us up ( you’re strapped to a professional) and when you climb high enough just along the coast he lets the rope go and there is a suspended moment of silence in the air, and then he dropped our hang glide, pulled it up, turned it, let it hang, dove again, and so forth before we gently coasted onto the air field. The feeling in our stomach before you drop and the absolute stillness of thinking a quiet free fall is about to be beyond your control is unbelievable. The mountains, the town, and the coast were so striking, so blue. It was a beautiful sunny day. I did it with Cat. He had just as much fun as I, and he is from holland. We met a Texan, a German, and another Dutch guy at the air field. It was really good to hear an American accent, there are hardly any Americans here, mostly Dutch and German people.

Tomorrow I’m taking a helicopter ride up Franz Josef to hike around the glacier and see what we can see. This is like the pinnacle of my New Zealand trip- a big part of why I came was to see the glacier. It’s the fastest moving in the world.

Going to the beach now.


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  1. Hello Nicole..Glad you made it to New Zealand safe and sound! And it sounds like your are learning how to “travel” haha… The manager in Adelaide was wondering how to reach you..wasn’t sure if you had a personal email you were checking. Nothing urgent..I think just wanted to make sure you made it. If so, you might want to send to her and me a note when you get a chance. In the meantime, I guess we can keep in touch here. Can’t wait to see some pictures.

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