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I am an aspiring photographer, a current business student, a great pizza maker, a dynamite gifter, a little sister, and very happy to be traveling to Australia soon.

Mount Gambier

I road-tripped six and a half hours to the South Australian equivalent of Colby, Kansas. (Didn’t know that when I started that trip). But Mount Gambier had a sinkhole in the middle of the town, and so the people of Mount Gambier planted a beautiful garden in it, and it was so peaceful. A reminder that although humans regularly destroy things, sometimes they make something beautiful out of misfortune and dirt.

Pier-fect Timing

I came across this guy playing his guitar and singing on a pier with a fishing rod in the ocean while on a walk through Hobart. It was one of the special moments of my trip where the spectacular and infinite random-ness of the universe shown through– how likely would it have been for my timing and his timing to line up to share a song on the ocean? But it did, no matter how unlikely, and that’s what’s beautiful about travelling.