St. David’s Cathedral

This church in Hobart was always open to the public, so I went in a few times. Although Adelaide is the city of churches, I’ve often found the doors locked during the day to go in to some of the beautiful old churches. Not so in Hobart, St. David’s was spectacular.


Mount Gambier

I road-tripped six and a half hours to the South Australian equivalent of Colby, Kansas. (Didn’t know that when I started that trip). But Mount Gambier had a sinkhole in the middle of the town, and so the people of Mount Gambier planted a beautiful garden in it, and it was so peaceful. A reminder that although humans regularly destroy things, sometimes they make something beautiful out of misfortune and dirt.

Pier-fect Timing

I came across this guy playing his guitar and singing on a pier with a fishing rod in the ocean while on a walk through Hobart. It was one of the special moments of my trip where the spectacular and infinite random-ness of the universe shown through– how likely would it have been for my timing and his timing to line up to share a song on the ocean? But it did, no matter how unlikely, and that’s what’s beautiful about travelling.